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I have run into this on a few occasions. I don't know if it is the same. In any case, I have had some emails that if I view them through the Stock email app, they don't show anything in the body of the message. If I view the email through the Gmail app though, everything shows up just fine. I always assumed it was some weird formatting from the Sender, and since it only happened a few times, I never went too far into it. I know that one in particular actually came from HTC, relating to the $25 Google Play credit. Every time I got an email about it from them, if I used the stock email app, the message would be blank. If I opened the same message in Gmail, it had everything in the message, text and graphics.

Don't know if this is at all the same issue you are having, but if it is being sent to your Gmail account, can you try opening the actual Gmail app and see if it displays?
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