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Originally Posted by Dngrsone View Post
The company I work for has a good two dozen machines with XP on them, and they are not likely to upgrade anytime soon.

Hell, I have two machines in my shop that run on old AT machines and DOS 6.0... no upgrades for the software running on them (nor the hardware they power), so I am stuck with them until the end of time.
If one has legacy hardware and software that the manufacturer no longer supports or is out of business. You have to use it because for whatever specialised process or job it's doing no modern equivalent exists or is prohibitively expensive. You're very much down to supporting yourself and doing whatever you can to keep it going, like scavenging Ebay and rubbish dumps for old AT machines. Many businesses find themselves it that situation with old machinery and things.

Wouldn't surprise me if there was some factory somewhere doing some process with CP/M machines...LOL.
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