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Confused SIM Toolkit?

I just got my Droid Ultra 9 days ago and it's also my first smartphone - but otherwise I'm a big ol' nerd so technology doesn't mystify me.

My wallpaper suddenly blinked out of existence. It came from an app called "Forest HD wallpapers." I thought I'd just uninstall the app to clear up the problem and then I could reload it later (they are nice forest scenes). These are not Live Wallpapers.

I told the app to uninstall and then went back to the desktop. Forgive me if I use any PC terms in place of Android terms... That's when the phone seemed to freeze for brief periods and the task list wouldn't come up no matter how many times I tapped it. I thought I'd fix it with a reboot so I shut down the phone. Turning it back on yielded a phone that is now behaving very badly, lots of freezes and the screen occasionally flashes "SIM Toolkit" and then goes back to the screen that was there.

Things are running, very slowly, because I heard the gmail announce new emails. I fear that the "Forest HD wallpapers" has not fully uninstalled. I can't get to the Settings because the phone is pretty much unusable. It doesn't seem to register most of my taps and gestures.

Does anyone know what's going on and how I might recover from it? I hope I gave enough info for people to formulate possible courses of action!


P.S. I can start a new thread if that is preferred.
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