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Originally Posted by DirgeOfTheRaven View Post
I've had great battery life on all previous android phones and even the S4 for the first few months I've had it.
Suddenly, it dies within hours of moderate use.
I figured there must be a rogue app running in the background.
I finally decided to download battery mix to see what I'm missing and apparently lookout is using 78.6%!
I've never had a problem with Lookout Mobile Security before.
I want to keep it because I really love the features, but that's insane.
Has anyone else had any issues with Lookout?
Count me in. I recall Lookout starting late last night and the charger was in. This AM I unplugged, checked my phone 2 hours 48 minutes later, and battery life was down to 51%.

The main 3 culprits, in order, were:

Lookout (46%)
Accuweather (23%)
Screen (19%)
(the screen was off most of the time.)

The S4 gets nice and warm too, which I am hoping is just due to the battery and not the main unit merrily frying in the background. The battery never gets more than 40C (that I've ever seen by the battery monitor), but if an app is running constantly then it's going to keep drawing on the battery and it will get warm... I wonder if the phone's solder will melt at a certain temperature...

Rebooting resolves, but this is the third time I've seen such an anomaly and I am thinking Lookout is the cause. Unless a shared library used by multiple apps is causing Lookout to overload, with other apps appearing to be more hoggy than they are (false positives, et al...)
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