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Originally Posted by dougdirt View Post

First, wanted to say that your posts and guide are the reason I took the plunge and rooted this already perfect phone. I really want to thank you for that.
Things have changed since you put up your guide due to the OTA but it is a great start to learning this stuff.
You CAN have root after the OTA and there are 3 roms that work. CleanRom, JellyBeans, and Stock.
Basically you have to Odin back to stock MJ7 using a .tar file. Reboot up and accept the OTA. This will also add new baseband-MJE and kernel. Then just use Kingo to root again. Reinstall safestrap and start all over with the 3 roms that currently work on MJE. I have done all this as have many others.
To Jet,
Take your time and read all the active threads over at XDA Verizon Developement forum. Really make sure you have your head wrapped around the major elements like Kingo, Odin, and Safestrap. Once you do it'll be like a lightbulb going off in your head and you'll jump right in. won't.
Good luck and thanks again Chief!
By the way, I'm salivating here waiting on sbreen to update Hyperdrive to MJE. Best rom so far.
You're right. The new OTA apparently does NOT break root. I have updated the Guide to MJE but I find nowhere in the Guide where it says that the OTA will break root. Maybe in the thread comments, but the Guide stops in the OP.

I apologize to my throng of fans ( all 3 of you ) for your patience. You have no idea what RL has thrown at me lately. I will, however, endeavor to do my best to keep the Guide as up to date as possible.

EDIT: That said...

Is anyone in here really going to UNDO all their work just to update to MJ7; then re-root, re-strap, re-ROM and set everything back up again? Seems like a heck of a lot of work for an OTA update I won't even be using...

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