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Originally Posted by Thom View Post
The proximity sensor is on the front at the top. It is what is is being covered by your hand.

With me I always had to remember to turn the screen off before putting it in my pocket. If I didn't it would wait until the screen time out before turning off.

I wrote a Tasker profile to address this. The shortest time I could set it to was 7 sec.

- Profile on - with the screen on ... put it in my pocket ... screen turns off in 7 sec.

- Profile off - with the screen on ... put it in my pocket ... screen turns off in 1 min.

Try running in Safe Mode by starting a normal power off and when it gives you the dialog box long press on "Power Off". Then respond "OK".

If the problem is there in Safe Mode go back to the place you bought it and have it looked at. I think exchange may be needed.

... Thom
Thom I see that you tell many people to boot into safe mode. I have no idea how to do that. Can you give a quick tutorial here?

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