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Originally Posted by SeducedByBacon View Post
Am i doing wrong? i was able to get it working no problem, but every time i click on YouTube or something i get prompted to add the hotspot feature to my plan? is that normal? or am i missing a step?
You're missing the last step...its called user-agent spoofing.

They filter their traffic based on HTTP "user-agents". Browsers each have their own user agent. If your user-agent matches a known user-agent like IE or Chrome (anything other than android really) the carrier will reject the traffic and in our case, show you a generic page telling you to buy the tethering plan. However, if an unknown userAgent is used or No user agent, your traffic is accepted and the web page loads properly. So many protocols work automatically including HTTPS (because of its encryption), all except for HTTP.

So to get around this all you have to do is change the browser to a user agent profile that isnt blocked. If you’re using Chrome, you can download an addon called User-Agent Switcher (theres one for Firefox users too). These will allow you to spoof your user-agent profile. After you've installed the plugin, just change your user-agent to Android Kindle for example and enjoy the free tethering. I find that one user agent doesnt fit all websites. For instance Android Kindle works for some but not all and can sometimes give you the mobile version of the site you want rather than the regular version. Play around with the user agents to see which works best for you. You may find yourself switching between two different user agents like I do.
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