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Originally Posted by Robin450 View Post
Maybe this question has already been addressed but I have been looking and don't see it, anyway, I have the Droid Ultra and want to send videos, but from what I am reading it doesn't look like I can, the resolution is too high. There has to be a way to send a video through text or email, I have tried both and both say the files are too large.
This is maddeningly idiotic to me on the Droid Maxx - that you can choose to share something to messaging but it spits out an error, with no way to fix it.

Gmail sharing should be fine. You should be able to share to YouTube and share with people that way. You may also want to look on the Play Store for an app that will allow you to shrink the size of the video (some do so by reducing the frames per second) and see if that works for MMS. Messaging, however, is crippled by the fact that you can only share small media files.

One thing I have not tried that you may want to try is to install the Verizon Messaging app and see if that allows you to send video files.
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