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Originally Posted by Metallman56 View Post
1. no smart actions.

yeah I know its got assist but it does not have nearly the options smart actions had. the 2 I miss the most are sleep and work. the sleep I had set up only when the phone was charging. that's the last thing I do before I go to bed. also there is no work setting so my phone doesn't automatically go to vib with only calls from my wife and boss ringing.
There is a meeting mode in Assist that will only ring through calls for people in your favorites (if you select that option) while you are in a meeting. Set your calendar to have a meeting during your work hours and that should do it.

2. motocast. what the hell? that was a super cool app on the razr maxx, every pic I took auto backed up to my pc. freaking awesome. that's gone too I see
I'm not exactly sure what Motocast did, but there are many, many ways to do this. Dropbox has autosync of all photos, which would then sync with your PC. So does SugarSync. I'm not sure about the other cloud services like Box, but I suspect that they do. Of course what's great about these is that the photos will sync to all computers that you sync with Dropbox, etc. Plus Dropbox, Sugarsync, etc., hold deleted files for a period of time (30 days for Dropbox) so you can recover anything accidentally erased.

so my question is are there any apps that will do what smart actions and motocast did for me? I found a couple of smart action like apps, but none had the sleep only when charging option.
I believe that Tasker could be set up to do that - Tasker can be set up to do just about anything. For a free app, Llama should be able to be set with criteria like that (change the profile to silent while charging and when the time is from 11 pm to 6 am, for example - that's something Llama can bet set up to do, as I recall - I used Llama on my old phone but have switched to Assist on the Maxx.)

In fact, that should solve your at work profile problem, as Llama is location-aware and can be set to a particular profile (i.e., vibrate only, no ring, with a list of contacts that are exceptions) based on where you are.

I'd try out Llama.
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