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First of all, for those who are eagerly reading upcoming CES announcements, I think MetaWatch guys just pulled a big one out of their hat!!!

In collaboration with Frank Nuovo (former Nokia and Vertu design fame), they will have new line of Meta models designed both with fashion and notification functionality. I know some of you like a smart-wrist-phone with androind system, but if you want a fashionable looking watch with smart functionality, I think Meta will be one of the top contenders in that category. What I'm especially pleased, they are not reinventing the wheel but rather improving based on existing design by adding all new epaper display and new awesome looking housing.

The Verge just did a nice writeup about it: A premium smartwatch? MetaWatch launches new brand with former Vertu designer | The Verge

I can't wait to test it and to review it when it becomes available!!!

But here is another surprise. Usually when you hear an announcement about company pursuing a new product line it means they are dropping a ball on the current line. As you all remember, in the past I had my fair share of complains about still using old fw1.35 with NE Manager and other workaround to get notifications from my Note 2 (on stock 4.1.2). Well, in the last few weeks my FRAME just transformed into a brand new smartwatch once I got 4.3 update on my Note 2, installed Metawatch FW 1.5.1, and start using the latest MW Manager. The watch response is super fast switching between pages and notification/setup screen. Enabling Notification Access in MW Manager (and using free app like eNotify - which I highly recommend!) helps pushing all the notifications from my Note 2 to FRAME. Don't get me wrong, everything was working before, but now I don't need any 3rd part workarounds or community manager optimized for older firmware. Everything is optimized, battery life is improved, and it's working perfectly!

Furthermore, a new FW 1.5.2 will be released sometime this week (hopefully on Wednesday). I have been testing this firmware for the last week, and it's another step forward for Metawatch guys. Now you can scroll through the last 5 notifications (the latest one and 4 more in queue), and they added a new Timer app built into firmware. Accessible from a setup menu, it's a very neat app with a cool control to setup your countdown timer which runs down to zero with flashing light and vibration notification.

I will take pictures of my new FRAME setup (and Timer) and post it here in the next few days!!!
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