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Originally Posted by Xenon View Post
Folks, stop thinking up excuses for Samsung. We want the updates
and we don't need to have special reasons to want them. People are
working on Android, it is young, it needs work and fixes, and when
these fixes and improvements are out, I want them on my phone.

Samsung would get a lot of slack cut if they were just somewhat more
open about what they're up to. HTC without XDA would be nothing like
what it is today. Samsung doesn't have XDA. It should recognize that
fact and be more friendly with the community in order to build goodwill.
why would we be making excuses? we dont work for samsung so it doesnt benefit us to make excuses for them.
facts are i would rather not have rushed out software
facts are most software houses rush stuff out for people that are demanding even at a professional and high profile setup
samsung are not doing this. As a consumer and someone within IT i can appreciate this and stamping my feet doesnt work

HTC without XDA would be nothing like
what it is today
are you insane? HTC was the primary smartphone manufacturer for windows mobile up untill a couple of years ago, it had nothing to do with xda forums. indeed now their community is booming but this is a by product. xda forums is a product of success due to HTC's original success
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