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Default Let's cure cancer with our phones

This idea came from the current Folding At Home Team we have on Android and it's thread that could be found here.
Join the Phandroid Folding@home Team! - 56k Warning

When I learned about the Stanford Folding at Home I wanted to learn more about this donating computer time for great causes like finding cures for Aids, or finding ways to clean water so everyone in the world could have something to drink. I went in search for something different, more unified for all my devices and I found Boinc.

Android Forums Status
Members: 7
Total Run Time: 4 Year, 54 Days, 19 Hours
Points: 3,773,248
Work Units: 6,189

Boinc is a software, in which companies like IBM with World Community Grid could send its users Work Units for their computers to process. Boinc has now created a software for Android and that is what made me want to create this thread. As we have a Folding at Home team, I think it's more relevant that we have a World Community Grid Team, just because, well... This is an Android Community, and World Community Grid now supports Android so we could all potentially make a difference by letting our smartphones compute.

Here is a lot more detail because I have some time on my hands. I chose World Community Grid because it is much like Folding at Home because it does scientific research for some of humanities biggest problems. Things like diseases like AIDS, clean water, cancer, malaria, Leishmaniasis, and so much more. A list of all the research that WCG has done is in the link.

World Community Grid - Research Overview

Boinc is simple to install. It's just an app in the Play Store and it works with many phones and Tablets. (I am currently running on all my tablets, and will be running it on my Moto G when I get it too). It's perfectly safe for a phone or tablet to be running 100% an the app will stop when it reaches a certain temperature. (35C) The app will not compute when it's on battery unless one changes the settings, and will not use mobile data unless one changes settings. Joining the team is simple as we could provide a link to our homepage if this becomes a reality.

If you'd like to help, Follow instructions below:

Download the BOINC App From the Google Play Store:

Create a World Community Grid account over at World Community Grid website:
World Community Grid - Home

Then join the Android Forums Team by clicking on the link below and then by clicking on "Join Team"
World Community Grid - Team

Open the Boinc App from your smartphone or tablet. When prompted to select a project, scroll all the way to the bottom and select world community grid. They will ask you to log in to your World Community Grid account. Do so with the account you created.

Recommended Settings For Computing With Your Phone

When you go to preferences on the Boinc app Check mark the "Show Advanced preferences and controls"
This will open up all the settings for the app and the computing power it uses, as well as other settings.

Check mark "Transfer task on WiFi only". --> This, is just to make sure that you will not use your mobile data while you are computing, running up data on your phone that can be used for other things.

Make sure "Compute on Battery" is NOT Checked. --> When this is checked, you will be computing on battery, and will drain your phone's battery in less than 2 hours.

It's recommended that you do not change the settings with the temperature, as you do not want your phone/tablet to get too hot. If anything, turn it down by 5C.

If you are not going to compute on battery, then you may change the "Min. Battery Level" down to 10%. This means that Boinc will not start computing unless the battery is at least on that percentage. And if your connected to your charger, you will be automatically computing when you reach that level, meaning you will always be computing when your are connected to your charger. Your battery will still charge, even while computing.

To make sure you get a full use out of Boinc while computing, change the CPU cores to the maximum. (For some it may be 2, others it may be 4)
To get the full use out of the cores change the "CPU Limit" to 100%

It is not recommended to change anything with this.

It is not recommended to change anything with this.

It is not recommended to change anything with this.

If you have any questions about anything regarding World Community Grid, Boinc, or the team, please let us know.

Thanks for supporting the team!
Please consider joining our IBM World Community Grid team here on Phandroid. Use your Android powered Phone/Tablet to research into finding cures to humanities toughest problems like AIDS, Clean Water, and Green energy! To learn more, please visit:
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