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That's actually what made me look was the OTA that kept nagging me in my sense 4.3 install. It was a stock, but rooted. I'm not a guru enough to know all the finer points of what makes an OTA not work, but mine was being a pain. So I just downloaded one pre-rooted, (although here too, I guess if it was close enough to stock I would have been fine anyways).

I can't really say I see all that much difference in the sense 4.4. The only difference I've noticed thus far are like 2 menus and a lock screen.

I'm not sure why I felt I *HAD* to have the latest. I guess b/c I've never owned a phone that was that bleeding edge before. Now that I do, I'm bound and determined to load every shiny thing onto it that I can.

"Devs aren't working on 4.4 until the new base is released. Which is expected any time now. "

Sure. What's a base??

As you can tell, my level of expertise is...spotty at best. Atrocious at worst.

And D-sploit. Why did no one tell me about this app sooner? What a bunch of wifi shenannigans it is. total blast if you're into that sort of thing. I spent the other morning at the laundromat side-jacking peoples logins for hoots (grey hat). That or re-directing them to pictures of dongs and kittens.
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