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Originally Posted by chickent1ts View Post

So I guess encryption doesn't work for storage unless you take the OTA update on this ROM. Anyone had any luck sideloading the OTA's and keeping root? If I can't encrypt my phone, or find a ROM that has the OTA to 4.06.1540.3 incorportated, I guess I'm stepping back to 4.3.

I'd rather have an encrypted storage than a shiny pin screen.
what firmware are you on? typically for an OTA(manual or downloaded) to work,you need not only the stock recovery,but also a relatively stock system with all bloat still installed,the correct release software version and its matching software.

having said that,if all criteria are met,you dont really need to worry about losing root,just relfash superuser afterward. i changed mid and cid and ran the 3.22 ruu,then manually applied OTApkg to get from 3.22.1540.1 to 4.06.1540.2. i OTAed from .2 to .3

if you run superSU,spring for the pro version,wich has an OTA survival mode. i watched it work on a friends DNA going from 4.1 to 4.2,but ive never personally tried it.

if you cannot find a rom,id prolly be talked into fixing you up with a blank nandroid of .3,if that helps
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