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Originally Posted by clitrenta View Post
Not my first Android phone by a long shot. I think I used one shortly after the first one came out. I've just been using a Windows Phone for a while now. This is my first Note and I just could NOT be happier. I think I had grown tired of constantly fighting with Android but the phones have gotten a lot better and I have always had my eye on the Note from the very beginning. Absolutely glad I finally got one although the thing should really learn some manners. Darn thing started talking to me when I was having a conversation with someone. I have no idea what I said that could have "woke it up". Certainly not "hello Galaxy". Go figure.
Greetings and Welcome to the Forum!

First off I admit I'm addicted to Smartphones...ha...ha...ha... especially Android devices.

It really got better with my Note 3 and Nexus 5. As most of us know there isn't a perfect smartphone but it's sure getting exciting with KitKat on a Nexus 5.

It's fortunate I have a few active lines, yet the flip side is I'm really torn between these two. I love the size of the Note 3, but crave the pure Android experience of my tiny Nexus 5

After buying way too many... the first hand experience has indeed been priceless, it's ramped up my Android skills remarkably while having a fun time doing so.

If I was forced to choose just one phone right now... it'd be the Note 3 for my preferences and usage pattern. It's a really terrific model that I've had since they were released.

By the way, your Avatar is awesome
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