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Originally Posted by AeolianReflex View Post
I have read several posts referring to entering codes into the dialer to pull up phone info such as entering *#1234# to find out the firmware version.
Every phone I have had in the past has been able to do this but not my S4.
Is this functionality removed from the VZ version of S4 or am I missing a step?
I am quite glad you brought this up AeolianReflex. Entering *#1234# into the dial pad is a stock feature on Samsung phones and is a reliable way of determining the exact model, current stock firmware and precise CSC code. This is very useful for a number of reasons, not least of all when it comes to re-installing stock firmware. However, it seems that some carrier branded phones have disabled this feature in recent releases. Some people think that the Baseband, (the phone's modem details), is the firmware version but this can differ from the stock firmware release.

So far, it would seem that Verizon, US Cellular and T-Mobile (USA only) have this disabled. See, 23 Galaxy S4 models - know yours? thread.

Originally Posted by electricpete View Post
I have AT&T S4....SGH-i337 running 4.3, rooted.

When I type that code, it first goes to superuser status screen, but doesn't ask any permissions.
Then if I press press back, the firmware info is there. By the way, it looks like the same info that is also available under settings / more / about device

It's weird to see that su status (not permission) screen. Maybe that dialer code requires root?
It is not unusual on a rooted phone with SuperSU installed for SuperSU to be brought up first before displaying the, "Version", information.
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