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Originally Posted by Jerbyjoober View Post
I'm trying safe mode right now. I'll post back tomorrow after I see how it does. I never had a problem until just recently. I didn't originally have it on my phone but once I installed it from the play store it now will not let me remove it. Apparently Samsung has made a deal with them. What blows my mind I can disable it and it shows to not be running and it's still draining my battery. There is something wrong somewhere for it to be doing this. I've been using it for over 3 months with not one problem. Their tech support is telling me the same crap that I can get from a simple Google search. They still haven't said anything about safe mode though.......This is why I hate tech support. They just follow the flow chart and I have already done most of that. If all else fails I'll just root my phone and be done with it.
I'm thinking that because of the security aspect of Lookout (and similar apps), you can't simply remove it. It probably has administrator level privileges that prevent a casual uninstall (for understandable reasons). I think you'll have to dig deeper if you want to uninstall it.

Wish I could remember what I did on mine to remove it. Sorry, not much help there.
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