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Originally Posted by unununium View Post
I'd first off like to state that this is NOT for any piracy reasons.
I just like to have an archive of the software I own, especially if I've paid for it, for numerous reasons;

1. Keep software safe from BAD updates (sometimes devs remove features, or release buggy releases, well I want it exactly as I paid for it)

2. Perhaps I'd like to transfer to a device with no internet connection (Can't see this happening any time soon, but certainly has been needed in the past, so hey.)

3. Removal of apps, if perhaps an app is removed, then I'll never be able to get it back if I was to factory reset.

4. Because (I'm pretty sure,) we're entitled to it! I'm not withheld from keeping the installation discs for my windows software, why should this be any different on android. We don't need babysitting by google ALL the time.

So is there any way to do this?
(p.s. I already know of a way to do this with free apps. just not paid apps.)
I use Appmonster pro found here on play:

It can make up to 5 version backups of your apk files. I have rolled back a number of bad updates with it.
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