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Changelog 2.9.5 - 02/02/2014
- Fixed crash when power menu disabled on lockscreen
- Fixed notification drawer carrier text compatibility with Moto X
--- also fixes other statusbar related issues like broken brightness control
- Smart Radio:
--- improved and simplified decision logic
--- won't switch to power saving mode while tethering over mobile network is active
--- independent option to delay switch to power saving mode after screen turns off (up to 30 minutes)
--- added GSM/WCDMA preferred and LTE Global modes
- Non-intrusive call:
--- added ticker to show calling contact info
--- keep navigation unblocked when new non-intrusive call notification arrives while there's already another ongoing call in progress
- Lockscreen: Allows slide to unlock before security unlock when unlock ring targets are enabled (ported from SlimKat)
- Pie controls:
--- added option to disable system info slice
--- added option for adjusting long-press delay
- GravityBox Actions:
--- added shortcut for GSM/WCDMA preferred network mode (type 0)
--- added shortcut for LTE Global network mode (type 10)
--- added shortcut for opening launcher's app drawer
- Navigation key actions:
--- added action for opening launcher's app drawer
- Launcher tweaks: added option to resize any widget (thanks to JayT5)
- Expanded desktop: added new mode: Immersive navbar - keeps statusbar intact and makes navbar immersive
--- (issue: statusbar can't be fully expanded - leaves gap at the bottom - no solution for this)
- Notification drawer custom carrier text: hide option for WiFi-only devices (thanks to bgcngm)
- Added premium backup and restore settings feature (requires valid PayPal transaction ID)
- Implemented interface for verifying PayPal transaction IDs to unlock premium features (requires internet access)
- Updated French translation (thanks to ch-vox)
- Updated Italian translations (thanks to valerioscifoni)
- Updated Russian translations (thanks to gaich)
- Updated Japanese translations (thanks to WedyDQ10)
- Updated Spanish translations (thanks to jvbferrer)
- Updated Chinese (Simplified) translations (thanks to liveasx)
- Updated Portuguese (PT) translation (thanks to bgcngm)
- Updated Polish translations (thanks to xtrem007)
- Updated Slovak and Czech translations

Download available

Or in xposed app.....

There ya go, only missing bold in appropriate areas ;-)
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