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Originally Posted by ovrrdrive View Post
Awesome tip. I'll actually use this one a lot. One thing I would point out though is at least on my Sprint phone I have to open the contacts app then hit the settings button, then select business card to open that up. then the little icon in the top right hand corner opens the camera.

It seems fairly accurate on the first 5 or so cards I tried it out on. It gets most everything right but you definitely have to proofread them before you save. At least it saves a copy of the card you can go back later and view. This is golden.

Thanks for the tip.
Originally Posted by dontpanicbobby View Post
It's funny how you don't see thing until someone shoves it in your face... In the contacts app there is a new icon with a picture of a business card with a small camera over the lower right corner of the card. Tap on that, take a picture of a standard business card and Viola! it captures all the info in contact fields that you can edit before you save.

Open Contacts, tap on the + symbol
Choose where you want the new contact saved
Tap on the Business card icon
Take a photo of the card. Try it without flash in a well lit room for best results.
Check the details
Tap on Save

Thanks to The Daily Note II/3 - Samsung Galaxy Note 2 & Note 3 Daily Videos for pointing this out for us.

Ok, So if I don't learn anything else today, this one thing will make my whole day worth it. Thanks!!!
Connie L
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