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ktoonsez kernels for 4.2.2, 4.3, 4.4.*, for Touchwiz, AOSP and Google Edition, ROMs, updated!

"Change Log 02.18.2014

1. KTweaker: MAJOR KTweaker update to 6.0!!!!!!!!
2. KTweaker: All screen have been re-arranged.
3. KTweaker: Extras has been totally cleaned OUT and is now called Tools!!! Only items left are "OTA Control", "Get last_kmsg", "Generate a dmesg", "Generate a Logcat", and new "Reboot".
4. KTweaker: "General" has been renamed to "Main Settings", under here you will find everything in the proper groups (like CPU, GPU, Display, LEDs....).
5. KTweaker: GPU settings screen now allows you control GPU Mhz Min (replaces the "Default GPU Mhz" option) besides existing Max.
6. KTweaker: Even though "Voltages" screen can be accessed from main screen like before, you can also access them from the "CPU" and "GPU" settings screens.
6. KTweaker: Files are now saved as xml files, when you first open Ktweaker it will automatically convert all your old files into new format.
7. KTweaker: All files are now on your internal /sdcard/KTweaker/.
8. KTweaker: Profiles are stored /sdcard/KTweaker/Profiles.
9. KTweaker: Scripts are stored /sdcard/KTweaker/Scripts.
10. KTweaker: Fixed UI password derp.
11. KTweaker Widget: The little "R" button on the widget used to be a Refresh button, it is now a reboot button. Click it once to make it display a "Y", click it again and it will reboot into recovery. Take longer than 5 seconds to click it the 2nd time and it goes back to an "R" and resets sequence.
12. Brand NEW APP called KTmonitor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
13. KTmonitor: Use this "floating" app to monitor your CPU, GPU and temperature
14. KTmonitor: Long hold on the red dot to access the option screen of the app
15. KTmonitor: General options include Update Speed, back color, text color, outline color.
16. KTmonitor: Option to LOG the data!!!!!
17. KTmonitor: Option "UI Type" that lets you choose from 6 different window formats (like Single Line, full, compact....).
18. KTmonitor: The "-0" or "-1" after the GPU speed represents the current Thermal Throttling state (1 = throttling, 0 = NOT throttling).
19. CM sync.
20. ARM: 7668/1: fix memset-related crashes caused by recent GCC (4.7.2).
22. bcmdhd: dont filter ip6 in suspend.
23. rtc: alarm: Add power-on alarm feature.
24. rtc: alarm: Set power-on alarm 120 sec before actual alarm time.
25. kernel: alarm: add dedicated alarm type for poweroff alarm.
26. kernel: alarm: Do not call rtc_alarm_irq_enable in IRQ Disabled context.
27. board-8064-pmic: enable rtc_alarm_powerup.
28. sec-battery: Standardize the output of the "online" property.
29. power: pm8921-charger: vote D0 when running kickstart.
30. power: pm8921-bms: fix calibration and UVLO issues.
31. power: pm8921-charger: Add delay after turning on D0 (TCXO) clock.
32. power: pm8921-charger: Fix delay in USB wall-charger removal.
33. ktoonservativeq: Change touch boost to make sure it boosts cpu and gpu independently.
34. Linux 3.4.79.
35. Linux 3.4.80.
36. Enable CONFIG_PPP_ASYNC as a module by request from you guys.
37. Remove KGSL_KERNEL_API_ENABLE that kills min_pwrlevel.
38. Please feel free to DONATE if you enjoy and find the new KTMonitor app fun and usefull or just appreciate all the work that went into this release and apps

If you have problems with the KTweaker upgrade, simply delete the /sdcard/ktweaker/ folder to start fresh.

Please read the changelog, carefully and thoroughly and make a nandroid backup before flashing. Have been on this for over 12 hours, so far, with no problems.


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