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Originally Posted by sharksfan7 View Post
My One is S-OFF & rooted w/ TWRP recovery. Still running the stock ROM but have edited some system files and deleted some system apps. So the 4.4.2 OTA won't install. I've read that I can install the 4.3 RUU then the OTA and just flash TWRP & SuperSU again and I'd be good to go. But I have a few questions before I do so.

I used Firewater to S-OFF. With the temproot method, I didn't unlock the bootloader through HTCDev first but it was unlocked when Firewater was done doing its voodoo. If I run the RUU and the OTA will the bootloader be replaced with a locked version? If so, are there any issues with unlocking it again through HTCDev? I've read a few posts stating that HTC no longer supports unlocking the bootloader on AT&T devices (not sure if that's accurate, though). Being S-OFF, do I even need to worry about unlocking the bootloader? With the Inspire, I was S-OFF for a couple of years before I upgraded to an unlockable bootloader. But I never really used fastboot commands to flash any of the stuff I did with that. It seems with the One, most stuff is done through fastboot. Will I still be able to run all the fastboot commands that I would need if the bootloader is locked?

If after updating I decide for some reason to go back to 4.3 and restore a nandroid, will the firmware updgrades from the OTA remain? If they do, are there any compatibility issues when using newer firmware with the older ROM? (I'm still not entirely clear on what constitutes "firmware".)

Thanks for reading my ridiculously long post. Always appreciate the help as I try to figure out all this stuff.

Hmm ill try and not miss anything

1)no,the ruu will not change what I refer to as your "lock status" with s off you can ruu while unlocked,and you still will be after

2)now that you're s off,you don't need to fool with htcdev(and shoulnt) if you need to lock or unlock,you can use a recovery tool made by crushalot,or use a couple simple adb commands(my recomendation). I hadn't heard about att closing the bootloader door,but while were on the subject,let's make sure we understand that any such action is att's doing,not HTC's

3)just like your inspire,you don't need to be unlocked at all. Recovery and anything else can be installed as a zip file in ruu mode with a locked bootloader. Being unlocked is a personal preference,not a requirement

4)if you nandroid back to 4.3,the newer firmware will remain. In this case,that should not cause any issue.

5)firmware is basically software that controls hardware. Things like the bootloader,radio,touch panel,and a few other bits are firmware. Software are what make up the rom(kernel aka boot and system) and recovery.

Hope that helps clear it up
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