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GravityBoxVersion 2.9.8 available!

"Changelog 2.9.8 - 03/03/2014
- Last screen: fixed scaling of images (thanks to bgcngm)
- Volume Panel: option to disable volume adjust vibrate (thanks to JayT5)
- Added title line for master switches in GB settings (thanks to Minty123)
- Don't play Battery charged/Charger plugged/unplugged sounds when Phone's not idle (e.g. while in call)
- Fixed undesired back/recents keys actions triggering when swiping for navbar ring
- Screen Recording: option to choose stock screenrecord binary instead of alternative (to be used in case device's incompatible with alternate binary)
- QuickSettings management:
--- Ringer Mode Tile: preserve vibrate state when switching to silent mode (thanks to jacknicholson for pointing out)
--- Screenshot Tile: toggle screen recording on long-press on tile (thanks to natezire71 for idea)
- Statusbar tweaks / Clock settings:
--- Added master switch for Clock settings
--- Added option for controlling day of week text size
--- Added option for controlling AM/PM text size
- Navigation bar tweaks: option to disable navigation bar ring (disables navbar gesture)
- Lockscreen tweaks / Unlock ring targets:
--- Added 2 more unlock ring targets
--- Disabled magnetic targets (targets won't snap to current touch position)
- Updated Portuguese (PT) translation (thanks to bgcngm)
- Updated Italian translations (thanks to pesa1234, valerioscifoni)
- Updated Russian translations (thanks to gaich)
- Updated Chinese (Simplified) translations (thanks to liveasx)
- Updated Chinese (Traditional) translations (thanks to Eric850130, knight00931)
- Updated German translations (thanks to Minty123, calav3ra)
- Updated Spanish translations (thanks to jvbferrer)
- Updated Korean translations (thanks to SDKoongchi)
- Updated Japanese translations (thanks to WedyDQ10)
- Updated Polish translations (thanks to xtrem007)
- Updated Slovak and Czech translations

Download via Xposed framework app or here.

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