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Originally Posted by dontpanicbobby View Post
I picked this up on sale for $25 a few days ago on Amazon and I've been very happy with it's performance so far. Last night I kept it plugged up to my T-Mobile Note 3 for 8 hours while at work watching videos and listening to music, My charge status stayed at 100% the whole time and I only used 1 out of the 4 power remaining indicator dots on the charger. This picture was taken with a small cup of coffee for scale but just to let you know for sure it will fit in your pocket. It is actually smaller but heavier than the Note 3. It comes with 4 power tips and the pouch you see in the picture. It has 5V 2A and 5V 1A USB ports as well as a miniUSB port for charing the battery of the charger. It does not come with a power plug of it's own but it works fine with the one that comes with the Note 3.
First time trying one of these (with my Note 3). The RavPower works just fine for an SDcard and transferring files two and fro but try as I might, I can't persuade it to work with an external drive - though the drive seems to fire up. The device doesn't seem to 'find' it. Any advice? I'm wondering if the problem is that the drive is Mac formatted?

I use 2Tb Western digital external drives.

Also software. RAV Filehub or Airstor and why?
Yes I know you can do it with Android File Transfer. First remove Kies altogether.
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