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Originally Posted by John Jason View Post
Mine was charging slower also, but suddenly it is now charging as fast as before.
I also noted that the battery was depleting much faster than before. I am hoping this will change soon the same as the charging.
I am a very light user. Before I would unplug the phone at 8 am and when I was ready for bed at 11 pm it still had at least 85%. I could go several days on one charge.

Today I unplugged it at 8 am as usual, and at 9 pm here it is down to 48%. And it's Sunday and I haven't used it once all day.

According to the battery information it used:

26% Screen
26% Android System
22% Lookout
12% Android OS
12% Cell Standby
8% Device Idle

(Which does not add up to 100%.)

I wish there was a way to reverse the upgrade to Kit Kat.

I'm also wondering about Lookout. Why does it need to be running continuously?
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