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Originally Posted by qwerty100 View Post
The phone comes with a usb lead, so simply get a Car USB charger gadget (ebay -> "car usb charger", about 2), and use the supplied lead.
See this is exactly what's going to get you 100mA trickle charging. It's not a question of how much the charger can supply (some boast up to 1A), it's about how much the device is willing to draw. (For more info, I recommend reading the Openmoko forums, those guys are in the know!)

Originally Posted by RellikZephyr View Post
So is there any easy way to tell a smart charger from a dumb one?
Hmm, I dunno. Ask it a tricky question? Like, 'if you were a smart charger, would you really be this cheap'? Probably best to take a close look at the specs or, in the case of eBay, to ask the seller.
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