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A friend of mine has the note 3. I have experience with the note 1 but that's it. I now have the G Pro and I LOVE this phone. And I do know they have 3 different versions of the Note 3 as well. The best having the 2.3, I think, cpu in it.

But in all honesty, having the note 1 and this G pro, I like the G Pro better. It's about the same height as a note but it's a bit more narrow making it feel better in your hand. The specs on the Pro also aren't far off from the Note 3.

So all in all, if it were me, yeah. I'd send the note 3 back and get the G Pro. You will be more than happy with the G Pro and the money you would save on a contract for the Note is worth it. But that's just my two cents. By all means research both phones fully, check out the reviews, which you have, and decide for yourself. Hope that helped.
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