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Originally Posted by skirush View Post
Hello all. I used to have a Galaxy Note 3, but I have sold it because I thought it was too big. I'm looking at getting a new phone and considering the HTC One. The specs are not as good as the Note 3 ofcourse, but I was wondering:

1. What are your overall impressions? Do you missing SD card option?

2. Is KitKat available for this phone? How do I get it for At&T service?

3. Or, should I wait a month and get the Galaxy S5?
1- Overall solid construction. Only gripe is the purple camera in low light.. Not really missing the SD card. I manage my space well and the included storage is more than enough though having the option for an SD card would be nice. I am on Sprint and love the fact that it's a world phone since I travel a lot.

2. Yes, android 4.4 is available for this phone, and is an included download that you complete by running an update on the phone.

3. Can't really advise you on that, but I like the solid feel of this phone. The Galaxy always felt like it was ready to break in my hand... The tactile sensation of this device is what sold me!
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