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Originally Posted by sharksfan7 View Post
I posted some questions on a thread over on xda but my stuff always seems to get buried unanswered over there. So I'll ask here & I'm sure you guys will set me straight.

I never got around to RUU'ing back to stock 4.3 to take the OTA like I asked about originally. Now with the 4.4 Sense 5.5 RUU available some confusion has crept in again regarding what can/can't be used with all the different security & lock states. If I'm S-OFF w/ unlocked bootloader, can I run the ruu.exe? Or am I better off waiting for a decrypted

As far as I understand it, I believe I can pretty much run anything w/ S-OFF and it's up to me to make sure that what I run is compatible with my device, lest I risk bricking it. Is that an accurate assessment? Are there any avenues to restore that cannot or should not be used while S-OFF? Are there any that would require relocking the bootloader while S-OFF?

Also, I believe the appropriate RUU for my AT&T One (CWS__001/PN0712000) is RUU_M7_UL_K44_SENSE55_MR_Cingular_US_4.18.502.7_R1 0_Radio_4T.24.3218.09_10.26.1718.01L_release_35656 5_signed_2.exe. What does the "MR" refer to? I can pretty much decipher all the other bits except the "MR". I noticed that with the earlier RUU versions, some have the "MR" & some do not. Oh, and if that isn't the correct ruu for my device, can you point me to the one that is?

As always, thanks.
Originally Posted by scotty85 View Post
You are correct,you are free to run the ruu.exe while s off and unlocked. Being s off removes almost all the security checks:
-lock status
-main version
-bootloader version
-HTC signiture

The only things the phone pays attention to while s off is the cid and mid. Changing the cid to supercid(11111111) eliminates the the cid and mid checks,making it a true statement that the phone will flash literally anything however,rest assured that leaving your stock cid and mid does offer some protection against accidentally flashing an incorrect ruu.

As far as the decrypted vs the official signed ruu,you can use either. The biggest advantage to using the decrypted ruu would be if you wanted your custom recovery to remain in place,you could delete the stock image from the decrypted version. If you wanted to be 100% stock,then the decrypted ruu offers no advantage. Going back to stock,the signed ruu may be a better choice,as you can be 100% certain that all the firmware and images HTC intended are present.

That is a correct att ruu,you should be fine to run it. The MR stands for "maintenance release"

Hope that clears it up

I have the Full Decrypted RUU stashed right here
RUU_M7_UL_K44_SENSE55_MR_Cingular_US_4.18.502.7_de | by clsA for One

Enjoy !!
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