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Pending to use...

I was at the Verizon store directly behind my house after my computer class. A little before 1p.m. so they told me to wait 10min. They put it out on display. It really does look wonderful in person. It just feels so tiny though. I own a Note 3. I'm on Sprint, but I just went there to see it in person. Verizon is closer then just up the street from Sprint. The guy said they're getting theirs around 3pm and he's gonna use his as his work phone at Verizon. I assume customers can buy if you talk to him about it. There was an older man there and he filled out some info. I assume he was preordering. I wasn't able to test the camera of course. That's what will have me won over. I'm really big on taking pictures. I'm a little down about not being able to up the mp in their UltraPixels. MP isn't everything but 4mp isn't cutting it for me with the quality they were putting out vs other high end phones. I'll have to test it for myself or look at some fair reviews. The employee also said they might have the other colors in stock around 3pm later today so.

I caught a couple of images

I couldn't find the regular messaging app on there. I just saw Hangouts and Verizon messaging.
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