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Originally Posted by jptsr1 View Post
Battery life is satisfactory to me. I don't get 4 or 5 days like some people are claiming but i can easily get 2 or 3. I consider myself a very heavy user. I play a lot of Deer Hunter and Zombie Sniper during the day sometimes at full brightness. I also use Waze about 3 hours a day on my commute. Without the gaming I could see 4 days being possible.
I am also a Waze user...and it definitely drains my battery. For that, I use a car charger unless I want to intentionally run down the battery. For "conditioning", I like to run the battery all the way down before charging. Being a "very heavy" user, I can see you getting less than the 4-5 days that I am claiming. I tend to be a moderate to sometimes heavy user. My GF is definitely a "heavy" user but not a "very heavy" user.
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