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Default Fixed my water damaged Note 3! I got pushed in the pool and thought it was dead... Details Inside

I wanted to post this to give hope to anyone who has faced water damage with their phone. I got pushed in the pool by a drunk guy (he felt terrible and even planned it out beforehand when he noticed I was in swimming trunks and not regular shorts... thinking I wouldn't have my phone in my pocket).

Well, I got pushed in and while falling, I even tried to pull the phone out and throw it before I landed in the water lol. I was under water for probably a good 10 seconds as I frantically swam to the edge to get out and pull the phone out.

I did everything correctly in the beginning. I pulled the wet phone out of my pocket, took the back cover off and took the battery, SIM, and SD cards out immediately. I dried it off with a towel for the moment but could not get to a bag of rice for hours. The pool was really dirty, so I knew my chances were slim.

I wasn't able to get the phone into a bag of rice for probably 4 hours. So, I finally got the bag of rice and put the phone in over night. Here's where I know I did some wrong things, but I was very impatient. After one night (about 10 hours) in the bag of rice, I tried putting the battery in and turning on. Nothing happened. So, I tried plugging the charger in and turning it on. Nothing happened.
I know this is very bad to try and do to a water damaged phone, so now I really thought I ruined everything.

I went on the forums and read that distilled water will help clean off the phone should it have gotten into salty or dirty water. So, I got some distilled water and submerged my phone in it for a few minutes thinking I had nothing to lose. I dried it off and put it back in rice for the entire day about 12 hours. That night, I tried AGAIN to put the battery in and turn it on. Nothing happened. I tried plugging the charger in again and turning it on. Nothing happened. Uh oh...

So, now I'm researching online and reading that 99% isopropyl alcohol will help with water damaged electronics. I went and bought some at CVS (they only had 91%) but whatever. This time, I took apart my phone using the ifixit breakdown. I took off the entire back panel and logic-board. I submerged each piece in the isopropyl alcohol for about 30 minutes. I gave each piece a nice gentle scrub with a toothbrush to make sure I was cleaning everything. Then, I dried with towel and I put each piece in a bag of rice over night for about 10 hours.

This morning just now, I put the phone back together. I knew this was my last shot after one night bag of rice, after one day distilled water and rice, and finally after one day 91% isopropyl alcohol and rice... there was nothing left to do.
I put the battery in expecting nothing. Then... suddenly... it vibrated! I looked at the screen and there was the logo! It was turning on!!! I was still not optimistic as I know water damaged phones can lose functionality... but I tested everything out and everything works! Air View, Air Gesture, speakers, calling, etc... everything works!

So in conclusion, I would say the isopropyl alcohol was the game changer here. That stuff really works. I've even seen YouTube videos where people submerge a turned on phone in the stuff and it still works because it does not conduct electricity at all. Pretty cool.

Crossing my fingers this lasts... but I know the lifespan is probably shortened and things may bug out on me in the future. For now, I'm enjoying that I brought it back to life.
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