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Originally Posted by Simon_Gardner View Post
Reminds me of when I tried to buy "meths" in the US for my Trangia camping stove.
It's easily found in two forms here - rubbing alcohol at the chemist's (drug store here) or in a gelled form called Sterno. You pop the lid off the can and light the gel. You can usually find Sterno in any Walmart, K-Mart, Target, Lowes - IOW, it's pretty ubiquitous stuff. It's even used at buffets (I don't know what they're called there - tables filled with foil trays of food, in racks, with cans of the stuff burning under the trays to keep the food in them warm, either at restaurants or private parties).

Winnie was bloody right, eh? King's English, but which king?

I ended up drawing the structure of methyl alcohol in various stores but nobody had a clue what I was talking about.
Did anyone even catch on to the idea that you were drawing a molecular chemical diagram? Or did they think you had just stepped off a flying saucer and were asking to be taken to our leader? (I have something in common with Socrates when it comes to thinking about our youth. I suppose over there this would be the place I'd call them a cheeky lot.)
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