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Originally Posted by gloriousnumber1 View Post
I'm just putting this out there for comments that may help clear some things up. I want to learn all I can.

I have a Galaxy S4 on Verizon since the day after launch last year. For the most part I love it. The only issue is this is my 3rd replacement due to a headphone jack issue. That issue was that it didn't want to snap things in and so it would cut out. This refurbished one has lasted me 4+ months finally with no issues.

I may just be greedy but I'm not sure. I'm exploring the idea of the note 3. I use my phone to play music in my car, but often as a computer. I order things from the internet, browse blogs and the web, watch YouTube videos, take lots of pictures, text, etc.

I think the bigger screen and S-Pen could be very beneficial for content viewing, but since I carry it in my front pocket and work blue collar, that same size may be pushing it.

I'm not necessarily in need of 32gb of storage since I have a 32gb card, but I won't complain. I also don't need another GB of ram but I'm fine with that too.

I don't know if the N3 actually offers any performance differences I would notice.

Anyhow I would love to hear what some of you think when it comes to my usage style and how the N3 may shine or not make a difference over the S4.

Thanks in advance!
these are typical things I and other N3 owners would say yes to - but then we would!

Use the search function. Theres lots of good help on here.

Personally I've not owned an S4 but the gf has, and I've noticed its laggier than my N3 and not as quick.
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