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Originally Posted by Fake Name View Post
care to put up a guide on how to get that high of a level? I can get first 100 easy....but the rest havent tried it
Hmmm, It would be hard to describe with out pictures of my set-up, and this is assuming you are asking about basic level.

Despite what strategy one may have, if you do not properly upgrade your units it might be very difficult to beat levels. I got stuck around level 170 and had to upgrade many of rewards.

My Slow Towers are always directly in the path of Planes/Helicopters. It is a must to slow the jets down.

All right so I found a pic online at Robo Defense (Android) - Download

This close to what I do But I have one slow tower in the middle and ends of each row on every other row.

So it would look something like this:

I also start the first two rows with regular gun towers, but then all the rows there after I use rockets. And later in the game I sell the gun towers and put Rocket towers in their place. For anti air, I put them in the middle like you see above, but I upgrade the Rocket towers not gun towers for anti air. This is why I have upgraded starting cash to level 36, because with out a lot of money its almost impossible to stop the helicopters early on, and if you decide to spend it all on anti air defense, surely the jeeps will get through.

Once you get above 200s you are going to be required to upgrade all your units, First concentrating on the rocket towers that are in use the most. Secondly you want to upgrade your anti air, then lastly once the planes start coming in hot you want to upgrade your slow towers.

There is a technique I found very useful in other levels but I am sure you can use it at the basic level. When you have an enemy that is getting close to your base, or you know is going to be getting close. I sell a gun tower, which will make the enemies switch directions, since it is programmed to take the shortest route. Therefore you are keeping them in the field longer, therefore taking more damage. You can repeatedly sell a gun tower replace it the resell it again to keep the ground units there for a while. It is very cheap since its only $5 and you get $2 back when you sell. I am sure there is a name for this don't know what it is though, if anyone knows could you please tell me. Make sure you are not fast forwarding when you do this cause if you don't replace the gun tower in time you're done.

If you are having trouble getting past level 100 on basic, play 50 on Ruins or 35 on Factory, try the courtyard or virtual training. Concentrate on unlocking the smaller rewards. Remember it adds to you in-game bonus, so every little achievement you unlock will gain you more points in game. If you are at level 100, surely you can unlock many achievements such as 30/30, Courtyard lvl15, factory lvl20, this is assuming you haven't all ready. You'll find once you start knocking out all these little achievements you will gain a lot of points to upgrade. This is what happened with me when I got stuck on 170, I started playing the other maps, spending all my reward points on upgrades and when I came back to the basic map was able to easily get to 270. Will be going to for 290 tonight. Also If you are determined to stick with basic, go back to level 95 beat that a couple times then go back to 100, or progressively get there 95,96,97 etc.
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