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Default Simple battery-saving tip just discovered!

There's been a few of these types of threads that have come out now and again and I always jump right in with my opinions on how to maximize your battery life and I'm always looking for new ways to get more.

I just recently discovered something on my phone that is a huge battery waster and quite by accident discovered a simple way to defeat it. This might be common knowledge, but since I didn't know about it, I'm betting there are others that are in the same boat so I'm going to share this tip.

One thing that is an unseen robber of battery is apps that stay open in your memory when you leave them. Many will just languish there and not use any CPU (and therefore one would assume no battery) but there are some that actually DO continue to use CPU and battery.

All our phones came with a great little widget called Active Applications Manager and it's a cute little circle icon with a number in it. The number displayed is how many apps are still running in the background of your phone. The color of the circle (and the number) changes from green to red. When green the apps are dormant and not using CPU. If it's red then something is still running and using CPU and more battery.

Pressing on this little icon launches the app and you can see exactly what is running and what (if any) CPU is being used. This is very useful as you can see which apps do not just lie dormant and use up your battery. For instance on my or any news app that I have notifications turned on will still run and use CPU (and battery) even if you are not doing anything with the app any longer. You can choose to 'End' the app from within this program so that's good.

But I was wondering why some apps stay open (running or dormant) and some do not. Quite by accident I noticed something today: If I exit out of an app by continually pressing the 'back' or 'previous' capacitive button (the U-shaped arrow to the right of the Home key) then when that app is closed it is completely closed and no longer running in the background. If, however, I just press the middle 'Home' button to leave an app (what I usually do) then oftentimes that app continues to run in the background, potentially using CPU and valuable battery life!

So I've gotten in the habit today of exiting every app I use by pressing the Back key and I've noticed a significant decrease in my battery usage. I'm going to continue to experiment but I might really be onto something here!

I'm now officially adding this to my other battery savings tips. So here they all are again in case you are new to this forum and/or phone:

1.) Reboot your phone daily while it's still on it's charger - make sure you leave it on for a good few minutes so it can finish rebooting.

2.) Run your screen brightness at a fixed level less the 50% - the auto-brightness feature is not a battery saver. Use a free app called Brightness Level Disc.

3.) Use the free and included App Manager Widget to keep track of apps that might be left running on your phone.

4.) Always exit apps by pressing the Back key (and not the Home button) until you reach the home screen.
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