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Originally Posted by MrJ View Post
Hi all,

First time poster needing expert advice to keep my son out of jail. I am a veteran IT geek for longer than I care to remember, albeit PC based, so please don't be afraid of getting technical. Technical is my world.

Long and short of it is my son has been falsely charged with assault by his ex-girlfriend who just happens to be the daughter of a police officer, and who was smart/devious enough to delete all SMS messages from my son's phone before making the assault charges. She is now using these same SMS messages which exist on here phone as evidence in the case and given that individual messages can be deleted I have no doubt in my mind that any message which may be incriminating to her have now conveniently disappeared of the face of the planet.

The phone is question is as follows:

Model Number

Android Version

Baseband Version

Kernel Version
se.infra@R0303-10 #1
Wed Oct 30 16:51:45 KST 2013

Build Number

SELinux Status

I believe my best chance lies in rooting the phone before proceeding, but my concern is that if the Android OS behaves in a similar fashion to how PC's handle disk write operations, then any activity I do, be it rooting or otherwise, could potential overwrite the data I am trying to undelete. I have read post stating that rooting will definitely destroy any current data, while also reading posts stating that rooting will definitely not destroy the data. This may be dependant on the method of rooting, so I am hoping someone can clarify what is what.

Then there's the question of actually undeleting the SMS messages. Can it be done and what are my chances of success?

I really need some help here.

Thanks in advance

You can buy a software online called DATA RECOVERY PRO....... it can recovery Anything from a phone or a sd card.

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