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Default Battery Calibration/Dying battery?

I have an ATT M7 One that is a little under a year old and recently (Past month or so) I have been having really odd battery fluctuations. Iíll link to an imgur album with some of the battery level graphs that Iíve caught in the past few weeks to hopefully help you understand what Iím talking about more clearly since I donít think Iíll be able to describe them very accurately on my own. So in the first case iíve encountered I will charge the battery fully, and once the phone is running on battery it will last anywhere from 15 minutes to maybe an hour two and then just die. But when it dies, the battery level still displays 60%-70%.(Images 4,5,6,& 7) Then when I turn the phone back on the battery level will be anywhere from around 0%-20% and will last for another couple of minutes before dying again. There is another case of my battery acting really strange where the battery level will stay at around 50%-60% even though itís being charged continuously (Right side of Image 1). I donít know if itís because my batteryís calibration is off or of the battery is just dying. I really hope the battery isnít just outright dying; to get to this level of battery instability in under a year seems pretty shocking to me. I should add that i didnít get any of these problems before I rooted my phone. I didnít notice it while it was rooted with the stock rom. I initially started noticing the problem after I installed a GPE rom (not exactly sure which). I thought it was just the rom at first but Iíve switched around to different roms and have been getting the same problem. So does anyone know what the problem is or what could have caused it and if it is even fixable at all?

Thanks for any input!

imgur album : Battery Issues - Imgur
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