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Default Flashing RUU failed

Originally Posted by clsA View Post
I have the Full Decrypted RUU stashed right here
RUU_M7_UL_K44_SENSE55_MR_Cingular_US_4.18.502.7_de | by clsA for One

Enjoy !!
Well I finally decided I was going to take the time today to update my phone to KK using the decrypted RUU clsA offered, with a couple modifications. Got a FAILED error when I flashed it. Luckily it wasn't a fatal error. I'm hoping you guys can help me sort out what I did wrong.

Here's what I did.

Downloaded file & verified md5. Since I recently flashed the dark bootloader (HBOOT 1.54) from GPE, I figured I would remove the hboot.img from the ruu as well as the recovery.img to retain TWRP. My understanding was that with the decrypted ruu I could do this. I opened the zip with 7zip & deleted both images. I then renamed the zip to "", just for convenience.

From command window:
O:\Android\HTC_One\RUU>fastboot oem rebootRUU
(bootloader) Start Verify: 0
OKAY [  0.047s]
finished. total time: 0.063s

O:\Android\HTC_One\RUU>fastboot flash zip
target reported max download size of 1526722560 bytes
Invalid sparse file format at header magi
sending sparse 'zip' (0 KB)...
OKAY [  0.156s]
writing 'zip'...
(bootloader) zip header checking...
(bootloader) shift signature_size for header checking...
FAILED (remote: 32 header error)
finished. total time: 0.359s
I knew that when flashing an ruu to expect an error the first time and that I just needed to run the command again. So I did. Same error. (I realize now that's not the error to expect.)

Now I got worried. Did some searching and found that with the "32 header error", the process stopped before anything on the phone was touched and that it was safe to reboot. So I "fastboot reboot" & held my breath until the phone fully booted. When I regained consciousness, I found that my phone was up & running fine.

So what happened? Was deleting the img's from the zip the wrong thing to do? I guess I can just flash the full decrypted zip and then just flash HBOOT & TWRP again separately. But isn't that the benefit of the decrypted RUU; to be able to remove particular img's before flashing? And if I'm going to run the full RUU, I might as well just run the signed one, right?
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