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Originally Posted by scotty85 View Post
so you have checked md5s,correct? bad download can defiantely give you the header error
Yes. I'm meticulous at checking md5s. I check it after downloading as well as right before flashing every time.

Originally Posted by scotty85 View Post
when you flashed the ruus,the hboot onscreen was the sense hboot,correct? if the dark bootloader was still present,that could have been the issue(even tho the other one flashed,you werent using it). if thats the case,try again after rebooting to botloader and verifying its the white one.
I was in the white bootloader. After I flashed it, I fastboot reboot-bootloader. It booted to the white bootloader and I saw that it was HBOOT 1.56. I then proceeded with flashing the

Originally Posted by scotty85 View Post
last and not lease,you are in ruu mode when flashing,yes? you should be flashing like this:

Yes. Definitely in RUU mode. Black screen w/ silver HTC. However, looking through your steps, I didn't fastboot erase cache before going into RUU mode. Could that cause the problem?

Originally Posted by scotty85 View Post
as an afterthot,you could always swap out the android info text in one of the decrypted ruus for the one in your hboot zip,since you did flash that successfully.
I actually thought of doing that but wasn't sure if I should. I don't know what each line of that text is for so wasn't sure if they could just be swapped out like that, in case there was a particular line that was specific for the RUU package. I'm probably over thinking this though. I tend to do that. This will most likely be the next thing I try. I'll try it using the decrypted RUU w/ the HBOOT & recovery images removed. That's the original goal in all of this.

In case that still doesn't work, I'm downloading the official RUU from that cslA linked to above. I'll most likely extract the first and flash it manually. I just wish there was md5 for that that I could check against.

Not sure when I'll be able to find time to do this. NHL playoffs start tonight so my nights will be spent firmly planted in a barcalounger acting like a face-painting fool in various states of inebriation. Not a good state to be flashing things. But I'll post an update once I am able.
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