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Originally Posted by mtccc5 View Post
I have an HTC one with Sprint carrier but have the same problem with WiFi turning itself on. Notify is unchecked, WiFi optimization is unchecked, I've set it block certain Xfinity networks that I drive by often as well, but when I'm driving around using my phone GPS mapping I constantly get interrupted to sign into a WiFi network. I miss turn, drive by streets all the time because of this. It's not just the map because my kids watch YouTube when we go on drives and it still does it. Idt it's strictly a Verizon issue as suggested to another person's post. I've brought the phone into two different Sprint locations, spoken with Sprint tech support and called HTC support. Sprint techs say I must not be right because it's not supposed to do that. I say I know that's why I'm here complaining. HTC told me to send it to their repair center so they can check it out and they will fix or replace if needed but will leave me without a phone for 10-15 days. Any idea what if there's something they or I am missing?
All my sprint/vm phones had a crappy connections optimizer in the network settings. Not WiFi optimization. It liked to turn itself back on. See if you have that. Should be in your mobile network settings, or "more settings"
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