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Originally Posted by 1Crimson1 View Post
I just got a 9300 mah zerolemon battery for my galaxy note 2, before I put this battery in, my note 2 would lose charge very fast, so much so that I could watch the percentage drop just by having the screen on.

So I just got this behemoth of a battery yesterday, charged it for the 12 hours like they asked, and still my phone is losing charge very fast. I looked at the battery status, and it says I have 7 minutes of battery life left on a 99% charge. Is there a setting I have to configure in the Android OS? I also have Juice defender running on extreme settings, so there should be no reason as to why my battery is losing charge so fast. Any help will be greatly appreciated, thank you in advanced.
I would try looking at your apps and find out if any of them are causing a constant drain. Something is on Vampire status with your system so you need to find out what is sucking the power out of it. Do you have any power saving programs that are constantly turning off apps (that are turning themselves back on again)? I used to be a Juice Defender fan myself but got rid of it since the systems pretty much do the same thing.
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