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I guess I am staying with Sense 5.5
Tried three times today and the phone downloads the 6.0 fine (takes about 25 min) but fails every time during the install process. Red triangle of death about 30 seconds in.
Called HTC and they had me do a reset with google and some kind of cache procedure. Now they want me to wipe the phone and start from scratch. They say if that doesn't work then go for warranty.
OK, no and no.
Don't want the update that bad.
Already wasted half a day.


After wasting half a day with Verizon tier 2 tech support and a couple hours with HTC tech support I went to the Verizon store and had to get a new phone. The One just kept trying to update and without asking permission. I did the cloud and the factory reset, no luck.
So, I stubbornly refused to take a referb phone and was able to get into a new M8 only paying the sales tax ($36). Happy with the M8, many hours wasted and lots of photos I thought were on the cloud were not, plus all my notes in the note app gone.\

Verizon tier 2 tech support said they have seen this issue a few times, the manager at the Verizon corporate store said she had never seen it.
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