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I believe the dry time is just to make sure you

A) don't skew the skin messing around with the phone
B) gives time for any liquid you might of slopped in the phone to dry before you power it on.

I install mine with the phone on and within 30 minutes its usually set up enough that its not going anywhere.

Finger prints on the inside means you're going to be looking at finger prints until you pull the skin off and put a new one on. make sure your fingers are wet and try not to touch the inside skin surface when applying it. also its best to slowly work bubbles out as you go and if you have one that just wont come out pull the closest edge of the skin and apply it from inside out to push the air out.

Little bubbles will vanish in a few days unless you got some dirt under the skin in which case you will be looking at the bubble until you replace the skin.
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