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Originally Posted by RajCaj View Post
If I knew the Moto X would be able to handle the next 1-2 versions of Android, it would be a much easier decision for me.

The fact that the Moto X+1 has over a 5" screen is a deal breaker for me. (Interestingly enough, one of the selling points referenced for the Moto X, on the moto maker website, is that it's the perfect size for one handed operation)

Outside of that, I don't see the Moto X+1 offering anything above & beyond what the Moto X can do...other than the obligatory bump in processing / camera specs.
I really don't see the Moto X having any problems handling new versions of Android for the next 2 years. For an example, look at how the Galaxy S3 is still being sold and getting Android updates, despite being over 2 years old now -- and that is even with Touchwiz slowing the phone down. Processors seem to be well beyond what Android currently requires and I believe it will stay that way for a few years.
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