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SMS fix doesn't do anything for me. My phone is in the 30% range by 6pm after charging all night. Every day. No matter what I do. Background data on/off. Stock SMS/Handcent. Heavy use/light use. Doesn't matter.

I thought 1500mAh would make this phone awesome, but CDMA networks take a LOT of juice, which is why the Sprint Hero has a bigger battery to begin with.

The Pre's battery life was a joke. It was abysmal. The iPhone 3G would at least get me through the day. I assume the 3Gs would have been more than acceptable, as I only wish a phone would make it through one day without needing to be recharged. The Hero is inbetween the Pre and the iPhone 3G. It will almost make it through a day, but not quite.

It's sad. So much customization and live data, but you can't use any of it if you want your phone to make it until 6pm.

I hear Sprint is working on a patch for it that should help. I hope so.
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