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Sure hope someone comes out with a screen cap app. The current way using the developer tools are not convenient but it works.

Credit to Piercing Heavens for the panel dedicated to streaming audio! Great idea!

I think I am still tweaking my screens a week later. Just too much fun to change the views.

Oh, the live wallpaper is the NexusMod2 Live Wallpaper. It's 0.99 but worth it. You can customize the colors and background. Right now it's on the default Nexus One wallpaper but changing the color to all red on black background is stunning!

Now, if I could just get an app that would let me get through a whole day on one charge!

Here are my screen caps:

Home Screen:
Google News/Weather Widget
Beautiful Widget
Smooth Calendar
I had to lose the stock Weather/flip clock widget. It took up too much room and it was flaky, always showing strange cities not even close. There should be a way to hard code a city/zip as I don't need to have the weather change cities when I stay in the same general region. The stock flip clock app is beautiful but just too flaky for me. The "Beautiful Widget" lets me enter a zip code or city and it stays locked on that. There are also a ton of skins you can download for it. It's not a free app but it was a couple bucks I think.

Right 1:
Remember the Milk

Stock Favorites Widget
Stock Calendar Widget

Right 2 (Twitter/Facebook):
Seesmic Twitter
Stock Facebook App Widget

Right 3 (Folders):

Various folders I created as my app drawer is out of control. Needed some organization for my top apps.
Twit app for my weekly fill of Leo Laporte!

Left 1:

Stock Widget - I think this was a widget that came with the D-Inc.
SportsTap - get alerts from my favorite teams. My Red Sox are in there!

Left 2:

Left 3:
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