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Originally Posted by billsmed View Post
It's a shame we can't all get along. I happen to like what ROI has to say. She doesn't want people in this forum to have misconceptions, so she's stern at times trying to fight false rumors. As far as her knowledge of WiMAX, there is no one that matches her. Even eieio has admitted that she has much more technical knowledge than he does.

A week or two ago, I took the liberty of combining several of her posts, because it's the best information I have run across comparing WiMAX and LTE. It would be a shame if we lost her expertise in this forum.
It's one thing to be knowledgeable about something and try to educate someone else. It's totally another to come in to every other thread and shoot someone else's ideology simply because you feel you need to throw your words in to boost your ego. I get a laugh out of him/her but whatever.
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