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Default Willing to make wallpapers

Hi fellow forum dwellers. If you would like me to make a wallpaper for you I'll give it my best shot. Keep in mind, I'm far from the best at this sort of thing, I don't have Photoshop, But I do have a few tricks here and there. And remember - you get what you pay for . Just ask for what you would like, tell me what phone it's for and include some info on how you'd like it to look if possible. The more info I get from you, the happier (hopefully) you'll be with the end result.

Here are my current wallpaper galleries - Have a look around.
Custom Android Wallpapers folder #1
Custom Android Wallpapers folder #2
Custom Android Wallpapers folder #3
Custom Android Wallpapers folder #4
Custom Android Wallpapers folder #5
Custom Android Wallpapers folder #6
Custom Android Wallpapers folder #7
Custom Android Wallpapers folder #8
Custom Android Wallpapers folder #9
Custom Android Wallpapers folder #10
NFL Team Wallpapers For Android

Here are some of my favorites that I've done so far.
Click the pics to see in full size ↓

If anyone else wants to help out, please feel free to do so! I welcome anyone picking up some of the requests posted here. All I ask is that you let me know you're doing so, so that we're not doing the same one and that you try to do something original with your wallpapers - Don't just resize one you find and post that unless that's what's requested. If people like your work, I'll include you in the list of contributors.

- eyebeam

Additional forum members making wallpapers here:

noahjk X
dbgrigg189 X
stainlessray X
Kaessa X
kezeyrage X
(an "X" after a name means that member no longer seems active in this thread.)
My sincere thanks to these guys & gals for helping out!

Many people have asked how they could make a small donation as a token of thanks. While I appreciate the thought, I don't take them because often I use other peoples work as elements in the wallpapers I make. As parts of what I make are not really all mine, I would not feel cool receiving payment for them. However, I'm going to start a new policy here. If anyone feels like making some sort of a donation, I'm asking that you give it to your local food shelves. That would make me happier than a few extra bucks in my pocket. I think that's a nice compromise that I (and I hope anyone who wishes to donate) can feel good about. TIA to anyone who does this.

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