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I was bored so i managed to get all of BlueScreen's post into one post for those who don't like flipping pages

Originally Posted by BlueScreen View Post
Sprint/Evo fans,

Okay long time lurker and long time poster (April counts) I just wanted to say what a great time to be alive in this period of technology.
I have been around since 386x Intel micro processor! (16 MHz) I have grown to help pioneer PIII intel processor (800Mhz) and create Intel P4 processor (2.4Ghz). I am now the grandfather to present desktop processors today (iCore 7).

I have never been more excited for a piece of technology as the HTC EVO. WiMax will bridge technology gaps like never before. I know along with the amazing hardware combination and true mobile broadband experience it will be something like never before.

I was a early pioneer of Wimax, and tested it in 1998 inside the walls of Intel.
I am extremely thankful to see the enthusiasm on this thread. I can rest knowing that every decision was sound not only for the company but the future of technology. I am fortunate to know a friend with his own technological law (Moor's Law) “technology would multiply itself every 2years.” I am pleased to see it holds true. I don’t think he took in account there would be a pause, and then move to 3mbs to 12mbs in one year, but it did double over time.

I will be enjoying mobile broadband experience, with everyone on this thread with the rest of the world mobile.
I am taking my hat off to Sprint and HTC for collaborating and making WiMax possible on a national wide scale. I will like to add to Sprint for doing the R&D on pie in the sky technology at a time nobody even knew what WiMax technology is.
I can soundly say, if it were not for there vision of Sprint/HTC/WiMax. I know this thread would not exist.
I hope the younger generation takes this opportunity to not only appreciate what technology can do for you today. I hope you see it for what it is, a platform for tomorrow. I know this is a little off topic, but it seems to have reliance, considering what the EVO can do. (Medical, Technological, Personal, and, Inform)

If it where not for Sprint pioneering the spirit of true technology at half the cost, less energy, and resource efficient. I know as consumers, we would all be stuck with AT&T or Verizon, with no 4G



Andy Grove
Originally Posted by BlueScreen View Post

I am sorry for getting back to you late...With regard to hummingbird and Snapdragon processor question. (Is samsung galaxy S (hummingbird) processor faster than the qualcomm snapdragon processor?)

1) we already covered MTPS issue, 90 MTPS if you test the GPU alone sure

2) you asked if having a dedicated GPU would show gains for gaming or graphic intensive simulations? Yes and NO. Once again it is a double edge sword...having a dedicated GPU (Samsung Galaxy S) will work in your favor (At high battery cost) because you have two CPU/GPU that need to be fed(Battery). At the same time, Samsung GPU operates 200mhz and transfer data at 8kbits and there Achilles heal. I imagine if ther hub controller were able to hyper thread (Quad Pump 8 squared to the forth) on PCB. I think the Samsung would own. Alias this is not the case.
Snapdragon processor while it does have a integrated GPU, it's data transfer is 265k bits. I could go further to explain integers and regiistors, but that bore the begesus out of everyone.

3) Also the Snapdragon is at .13nanometers process and Hummingbird is 35.nanometer process. (lamen terms) I can put a snapdragon processor on my pinkie finger nail and humminbird w/GPU would take up a finger nail and a half.

4) the wattage usuage in the case of cell phones (milli=watts.) is profound and I think Samsung will have a tough time with battery life...(Speculation on that part)

From my experience, the smaller real estate a micro processor has, less power consumption, and more efficiency, and the ability to do more per CPU cycles. I once again say “Hands down, every spec that I could look at from a micro processors engineer perspective, Snapdragon wins...

P.S. this is not speculation only the facts..So if mod feels the need to move this post from the speculation thread..thats cool.

I hope that helps with Galaxy vs EVO. I am talking down to the microscopic level and my years of experience. I know there is certain levels of physics possible, and this is not one of those times. I have to give kudos to Samsung for making 1ghz, but a .35 nanometer process, they are hitting a brick wall. In comparison Snapdragon wins. I am not saying on some levels, but all levels.
Originally Posted by BlueScreen View Post

I just think your knowledge is spot on and how refreshing it is to converse with someone out side my JET team. I want to first thank you on my ability to explain little about cell phone processors. I still would like to go on the record that I am a PC processors engineer and doing the best I can to put the pieces together.

First, let me give you uber kudos, cuz you are correct, with regard to the die size of a Snapdragon processor .45 nanometers! (Those that care, same die size of a Nvidia 285 GPU)

The Snapdragon processor has built in DSP (Digital Signal Processor), 3g radio, built in Wifi, and for EVO exclusive 720p codec, 3d GPU, and GPS processor, and a host of other stuff.

I make processors that just do computing and when I look under a microscope with all that stuff listed above...I am truly amazed...I look at it (Not Snapdragon, something similar) and all fits on on your pinkie nail!!!

Back to your post...I am impressed with you knowledge and you are correct. THe total die size of a Snapdragon processor is about .45nm, including all the stuff listed above. The .13nm would be the Snapdragon core CPU micro architecture. I was only able to find Samsung Humminbird core process specs using .35nm process technology and that is rather large for today standards, witch is the equal, to Intel p III microprocessors chip (ca.1997)

I guess to finish you question. Further die size has nothing to do with the ability to transfer data. to certain extent. Die size is more in the ability to transfer...(Okies Jocks hit me) electrons. If you have one metal layer (Copper (Cu)) or what ever your processor is made out of. That electron has to travels to whatever transistor that is going to in order to give a (Yes/No) signal. Then let’s pretend that you have 7 of those metal layers and that represents 7 million transistors. and that same electron has to go up and down the metal layers to turn activate a Yes/NO signal, but they have to do at 6,4GT/s (1 GT/s data rate would be 8x109 bytes/s)
You can see that is moving close to the speed of light ((When thinking of a electron moving up and down through 7 layers of metal) not data output). This resulted in the need for multi-core processors. To date the smallest Intel process is .07nm that equals 3 electrons wide. I would have to split a human hair a 100k times to equal the same.

So as you move electrons through a smaller pipe they naturally move faster w/less effort. Hence Samsung Galaxy at .35nm is just simply PWND compared to EVO..

Originally Posted by BlueScreen View Post
Yes, it was a Atari 800XL with a cartridge and not a floppy. I was flipping Apple the bird then with there propriety nonsense. Even though the first piece of software I pirated was on a 5in floppy at PC store, it was apple program..Dungeon Quest in green Mono-Chrome screen. Nobody really could play it, because at the time nobody had computers...I had to sneek into my school..Hence the computer bug, got me like crack..Now only thing I have to show for it is the computer chip your using to run you PC ( 73% of America) I am still going EVO..crazy.
Originally Posted by BlueScreen View Post
Lets talk about real speculation...EVO is going to come out when EVO comes out...The real deal is? I mean how much is 4G going to be the bomb? Where I live I cannot get DSL, Comcast, and Satelite could kiss my..okies. I have Cricket (LMFAO) wireless service and it works! I had to pay my bill and get this....I got an upgrade? They move my serve to 600k to 1.4mbs and my FAP was 5gigs to 10gigs at $20 dollar premium for a total of $60 dollars per mo. The area were I live is covered by 4G, I did not want to purchase Sprints Over Drive Puck to get 4G now, because it came with a 2 yr. contract amd I know EVO will work as a Hotspot. If I were add it all together and do the umlited to plan through Sprint/EVO=$100 bucks and the Hotspot option for extra $20 bucks (Est) I would get 5 times faster speed, but paying twice as much...I know that I would get an uber phone, but what about going over the 5gig fap..I mean if you go over 5gigs in a month, then it's .25 for every MB..that can add up fast?
Originally Posted by BlueScreen View Post
I have to say, I love these question and this (Intel) is what live for..(Peeps in the Skunk works) I will do my best to answer this question.

1) First and for most this is a Android thread and more importantly a EVO thread. Android 2.2 is going to be shipped with EVO..periode! The Wimax portion is a add on. I can't say much more that! It is a joint venture between a lot of smart people that made happen, (Flawlessly, it will now know when 4g available and automatically switch to and from 3g/4g)) The last one is that yes Vo4G is real and will be part of the Sprint WiMax network (all can say is the software is done and what Sprint does with it is up to them) The final one is the software for video conferencing is done and we have finished!!! (Thank goodness, not much sleep over that one!)

Wimax software is coded for four people to chat via the front facing camera. The best we could do for video conference and was coded into the Wimax radio. To be honest 4 people video/chatting takes up to 3.2mbs bandwith average (tested) Sprints 4g network is 4-6mbps average and 3.2mbs for would provide (and does) provide for seamless video chat.

I know that we have done the best we can and been following this EVO thread. The WiMax test lab (Can’t say the company) like to say thanks for everything. The tweaks are done and everything from a WiMax perspective is complete done. Every WiMax option you could hope fore has been sent to Sprint to easily update 4G portion hardware of the phone. I hope this helps you for the next couple or weeks, maybe a month..

2) Intel is the only company right now can process chips at .07nm process, that being said...Yes companies contract out to process there chips and they do get tweak by us. Intel has always process mobile chips, for different companies and there own. .That is how I now certain measurements about, certain CPU cores. .I can say from a engineer perspective Snapdragon is technological a work of art.

3) Future processors. This is something I can talk about. Yes, played with quad core processor for mobile CPU's designed for mobile phones. I have personally seen dual core processors being manufactured for mobile phones with positive yield. I want to express these chips are expensive and base off price it will be awhile, before they are going into mass production. I have to leave it at that, with respect to whom the processors are for.

4) The possibility of running a similar Intel processor (4 or 6 core processor) is way off in the future, but it will happen! Until then we only supply our ability to shrink things and make them...say mobile? You have to remember it’s not so much the speed of the core processor as it the ability of the core processor to communicate with all the integrated devices, GPS, 720p codec, 3D GPU, FM Radio, and in EVO case 4g radio. If this entire device on one chip or die can communicate at this 1.3, 1.5 ghz on single or dual core processor would be awesome. It is from my experience this is a ways out unless some uber battery technology pops up.

5) let me go on the record that EVO will be the bench mark for at least the end of the year (Spec Wise) but the 4G network technology is going to carry all of us way beyond micro processors speeds, MP camera abilities, 1080p video capture, and etc.. If you don’t have the bandwidth to share it. You don’t have a phone you got a hybrid Video/Camera device periode..

I want to go on the record saying...I am not a Sprint customer, not a Sprint product holder, just a beliver in there 4G technology.
Originally Posted by BlueScreen View Post
/nod, please don't ask to much more..I can so be fired. I have been following this thread like everyone else for awhile. I understand we just need a little info.

Originally Posted by BlueScreen View Post
I would be the same as you, if were not for tonight and I saw the update for my own eyes. I saw a up and running EVO 2.2 eclair. My team got there arse kicked to get this wimax code out. To make Intel, Google, HTC, and Sprint happy.

I thought piss on it...I have followed this thread and were all pissed that Sprint has not come forward withf something..I am sitting here fior the last month writing BS code as a Micro processor engineer. I can do it anymore...You guys got is what it is happy May Xmas...or June. The tidbits of info about the Wimax software is it..It's 2.2 btw...You'll see it on your EVO


Originally Posted by BlueScreen View Post
I made good on my responsibilities to deliver what (My team) had to deliver. I have made good friends with the folks on this thread and felt they deserve the truth. I have seen it with my eyes. Intel, Google, Htc, Sprint can kiss my arse. (Our team) Worked hard to get eveything on EVO WiMax code done..It's ready and been shipped to Sprint..just in time for there event I bet..I get a big ole' fat divorce in return.

I figure hell, atleast you guys will know the truth and the rest of the websites can kiss my u know what too.

Originally Posted by BlueScreen View Post
It's the end of my shift and hopefully I will have a job tomorrow. Just a short recap for those that missed earlier post..

1) Vo4G works and will be done by simply pressing a widget. "Kudus Blue"

2) Video/conference calls via front facing camera (only) up to four person. Video pictures
will be thumbnailed. This will be embedded in phone pad/press video icon.
it will execute front facing camera and you will see yourself. press dial pad
hit your contact and if they have an EVO you will automatically be in video chat,
if the other person does not accept chat..It will default to normal phone call.
I only say EVO because as it right now there is not another capable of doing
video calls.

3) 2.2 Eclair will be shipped..w/OTA up grade to FRYO expected in 6 wks.
(I don't know the details, that is up to Google)

4) Correction completed on 4g/3g sensing radio. EVO will now automatically switch
between 4g and 3g netowork based on your location.
5) Hotspot has been corrected, would only recognize 5 wifi enabled devices. It will
now recognize 8 wifi devices and allow for password protected SD Micro
crard file sharing (Same as Sprint Overdrive Hotspot)

That is it from our end on providing software upgrades to support Wimax on EVO. I have tested it, seen it, and it works as advertised, and Sprint has been confirmed as getting it. I would guess that all phones are been updated as we speak. Thanks to everyone on this thread and will be looking forward to seeing you guys on a tips and tricks for EVO thread in just a few short weeks.

Originally Posted by BlueScreen View Post
I am with you on it. I can only say what I saw. I saw an EVO running 4G with everything we been hoping for and been testing. I am really exhausted. I would explain Vo4G, Video calls, and etc...I just looked at the screen and it said 2.2 Eclair. Google rep was there and he said "Expect Fryo in 6 weeks" My team said "Thank God, we can rest" I just know the phone is done, there is no more tweaks, tips, or tricks. It's just done..Love you guys..I am going to crawl under rock and die. I really just want to die for a few days. I am just like you guys...I will crawl out from under my rock and be in line to get an EVO like everyone else.

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